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The Enchanted Palace

General call to action

Every family has its secrets and we were invited to explore the nooks & crannies of Kensington Palace and bring these hidden stories to life.

We travelled along the corridors, in the majestic royal quarters we soaked up the history. Down the passages we scurried; all the time seeing, feeling, discovering.

We burrowed deep and listening to the echoes of the palace we uncovered the stories of the past princesses. Say their names out loud: ‘Princess Mary, Princess Anne, Princess Caroline, Princess Charlotte, Princess Victoria, Princess Margaret and Princess Diana’. We retold their stories, their idiosyncrasies, their woes, their joys and we brought them back to life in a spectacle of theatrical enchanted wonderment.


“We have found the stories of the Palace incredibly inspiring, they’re like true fairy tales – the rebellious princess, who was so universally loved, that when she died in childbirth London ran out of black mourning fabric; the little sickly prince who played peashooters with his uncle, the king; the court that kept a wild feral boy as a pet; the young princess who wept for three days when told she had to marry a man twice her age; the two friends who had a quarrel that caused deaths, changed the fortunes of great families and the map of Europe. It’s such rich material for art and theatre – and to be exploring these stories in the rooms where they took place is thrilling.”

Bill Mitchell WildWorks Artistic Director


The palace was our stage for two years. We worked in collaboration with leading fashion designers Vivienne Westwood, William Tempest, Stephen Jones, Boudicca, Aminaka Wilmont and illustrator & set designer Echo Morgan. Together we created dreamlike reveries, interactive theatre, intimate storytelling, soundscapes and haunting projection to reveal these tales of love and hate, surprise and sadness, secrets and jealousy.