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Wolf’s Child 2017

General call to action

Darkness. Love. Terror. Freedom.
The wild.
Will you be led by sharp-tongued crows? Will you walk from the safety of civilisation into the deep-dark wild?

Wolf’s Child, Cornwall 2017 retold the tale of ‘Mother’ who protects her girls from the dangers of the wild. When a wolf attack leaves her injured she sends her most trusted girl into the woods in her place. Here the girl discovers darkness, love, terror and freedom.

Performed at Trelowarren Estate, Helston in July 2017 ‘Wolf’s Child’ is a story for all the senses which stirs the soul and explores the very essence of being human.

In 2005 Kneehigh’s Artistic Director, Bill Mitchell, co-produced A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings and out of this production WildWorks was born. After 10 years creating work around the world WildWorks, (Souterrain, The Enchanted Palace and The Passion), returned to Cornwall. This new adaption of ‘Wolf’s Child’ was been created with communities in Cornwall, for Cornwall at the Trelowarren Estate.

Wolf’s Child was a sell-out production, furthering our exploration of community work and live cinematic experiences.

Keep your ears and eyes peeled for more WildWorks adventures across Cornwall…


Originally commissioned by Norfolk & Norwich Festival and co-produced by WildWorks and Norfolk & Norwich Festival in partnership with the National Trust. Original research and development made possible with funding from Legacy Trust UK.