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27 April 2022

Meet The Interns

General call to action

Over the last few months, we have had 2 brilliant interns working with us. Laura Steen joined us as Community Research and Participation Coordinator for 2 months and Jasmin Davies is still working with us as Communications Assistant and will do so for the rest of the summer as we build up to I AM KEVIN.

Laura Steen

Before I came to work with Wildworks as the Community Research and Participation Coordinator, I spent my time working with various organisations such as homelessness and mental health charities, social enterprises and more recently I have been running my own creative writing workshops. I’m motivated by bringing people together, forging connections and amplifying voices through creative mediums and I was drawn to Wildworks because I admired their approach – the way they work alongside communities, reflecting everyday stories and experiences which in turn make people feel seen and heard. I’ve loved getting to know different community groups and people around St. Austell and witnessing their creative contributions at our workshops and drop-ins.

Jasmin Davies

I have previously worked as a Marketing Assistant at various organisations from Lowther Pavilion Theatre in Lytham to the Fish Factory in Penryn alongside my own freelance work assisting local creatives with promotion and organising events. I have always had a passion for reading and telling stories, combining that with a general love of the arts, and that was ultimately what led me to Wildworks. I worked with Wildworks briefly back in early 2020 on placement before the pandemic, and I have spent the last two months working with Wildworks through this internship. 

This has been a great opportunity for me to hone my marketing skills and develop a depth of knowledge about what it means to market within the creative industries. From collecting quotes for print and other advertising medium, to navigating excel and budgets, which admittedly have never been my strong suit, to writing stories and capturing the beautiful moments of community work that Wildworks continuously undertake, I have been introduced to elements of the marketing world that I did not know existed. This role has also enabled me to introduce myself to fellow creatives in Cornwall. Being able to meet new people, supported by my position at a well-known theatre company, has opened doors that I may at one point walk through as I move into the next stage of my career, following this internship. 

I am hoping one day to become a marketing executive for a theatre, maybe even Wildworks as I have grown to love the team around me and the supportive environment that they have created. I know that with the development of the skills I have learnt here, I am in a good position for achieving that vision. I have assisted with the promotion of the recent Crowdfunder campaign and I am excited to continue working throughout the I AM KEVIN production and for the people that I will meet along the way.

Vicky Abbott – Writing ‘Ynkleudhyans Rag an Tewlder’

Benji Bower – Composing for ‘I Am Kevin’

Hannah McPake – Narrative Landscapes

Crinnis- is this love?