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17 October 2022

Hannah McPake – Narrative Landscapes

General call to action

“The show continued to adapt and change as the world continued to shift”

Mydd and I first began talking about I am Kevin two years ago, back then we were planning a very different show for a different location and a slightly different world. We were still in lockdown and we spoke a lot, on Zoom; about ideas for the show, about the things that were in our head, about how our relationship with the outside world had shifted, about feeling on the edge, and, at times, that the world was impossibly dark.

We spoke about the power of stories and imagination to shape the world around us. The stories we all carry within us – some we might wish to leave behind others that we are still to find.

The show continued to adapt and change as the world continued to shift. We had to postpone for a year, we lost locations. When Wildworks found Carlyon Bay, we reimagined the story again – to match the scale of the environment, something more elemental, mythic. But at its heart I am Kevin has always been the story of a boy struggling to find his place in the world, who has lost control of his narrative and must journey through the darkness to find it again.

During rehearsals the actors, creative team and community performers have continued to shape the story and the world, making it richer, fuller, to find the light in the darkness with moments of real joy and playful humour. This is my first show with Wildworks and it’s a real privilege to be working with the company in such a special location.

Vicky Abbott – Writing ‘Ynkleudhyans Rag an Tewlder’

Benji Bower – Composing for ‘I Am Kevin’

Crinnis- is this love?

Meet The Interns